Business today is full of new opportunities — but when it comes to controlling your finances, things can get a little complicated. In order to keep your business at peak financial performance, we offer a full suite of Controller/CFO services.

We know that many businesses can’t afford to bring a CFO or controller on board full-time; but they do need a professional to play this vital role. We navigate your business to greater success by delivering an extremely high standard of service in this area. When you make use of our Controller or CFO services, you know you’re getting the finest expertise anywhere.

We know you have options, and we want to make our Controller/CFO services as practical and convenient as possible. We work directly from our own offices, but don’t worry — we won’t miss a detail. There’s no reason to clear out an office or bring consultants on site. Instead, let our team take your financial management to the next level, without putting undue stress your business, and of course, on you. This is about having greater control over your finances in a professional, economical and concentrated way.

Did you know that a full-time CFO or Controller can cost upwards of $200,000 a year in base salary? We understand that many smaller or growing businesses aren’t able to make this kind of investment; and we realize that there are even larger organizations who prefer a more customized approach.

All of our CFO/Controller services are comprehensive and affordable.

There are 5 main areas that every business should have totally under control for smooth operations, management of future growth, and long-term success.

These are:

Business and Financial Planning

You want to have a clearer understanding of the financial side of your business. You want your finances to be carefully planned and under control. You want the accounting to be steady and predictable. And what you DON’T want – are any big surprises along the way.

You also want to free up resources to focus on the aspects of business you do best. This is where we come in.

Our remote CFO services are designed to take the pressure off of your financial and business planning. That way, you can put more time and energy into your services, your customers and your ideas — and rest easy knowing that your business and financial planning are in capable hands.

Financial Statement Preparation

If you’ve found that the preparation of financial statements has been stressful in the past, it no longer has to be. We know financial statements inside and out, and we’ll make sure all the details are in line and all the figures add up. Rely on our experienced team to produce extremely accurate, professional and accessible financial statements. You don’t have to tackle this project alone anymore.

Projections & Forecasting

Knowing what’s around the corner is not just preferable for businesses today — it’s essential if you want to compete and stay relevant. It’s proven that businesses who create meticulous financial projects and forecasts are better equipped to navigate the marketplace in the long-term. Our CFO/Controller services include accurate projects and forecasting so you can plan for the future and stop guessing.


Creating and enacting a fully functional budget is simply not something most business owners are equipped for. Avoid creating a casual, unprofessional or incomplete budget. We believe that quality budgeting is one of the backbones of any successful business, and we’ll apply deep expertise to keep your budget on track, in line with your goals, and secure for the future.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow problems at the wrong time can seriously affect your business. Plan for every contingency by allowing our team to manage your cash flow. We offer only the most reliable advice at every turn, and we ensure that your cash flow process is running at peak efficiency. With our team in your corner, you’ll avoid situations where cash flow hampers business.

Are you ready for greater control?

Many businesses are surprised by just how much of a weight is lifted when they seek the services of a highly qualified CFO/Controller. When you have to make a difficult decision involving your business, you’ll have a strong ally in your corner who gives reliable advice every step of the way. When you go about your daily activities, you know that a consummate professional is always protecting and enhancing the tricky financial side of your business. We’ll handle all the duties of a full-time, in-house controller.

Including the following:

When it comes to putting your finances in the hands of a professional, you need someone you can trust and rely on without question. We pride ourselves on being a super reliable and professional CFO/Controller for each of the businesses we serve. We’ll never take this important role and leave you in the dark, or fail to deliver. Our team is 100% results oriented. We’ll apply the full depth and scope of our financial knowledge to make your business run smoothly, efficiently, predictably and profitably.

Call our team now for a detailed discussion on CFO/Controller services for your business. Our goal is to provide a service that absolutely surpasses your expectations — and most importantly, helps you to fully realize the success of your business.

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