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  • Tax Saving Advice

    No individual or business should pay more tax than they are legally obliged to pay. We can offer tax planning and advice specific to your circumstances.

  • Friendly Assistance

    There’s no technical speak from us. We speak to you openly and honestly and promise not to blind you with jargon.

  • Happy Clients

    We are responsive to the needs of our clients and like to keep our clients happy. As a result we have many glowing testimonials

  • Professional

    We Delve deep into the details of complicated business matters while skillfully listening.

  • Expertise

    In complex tax filings and surpasses expectations when working in stressful and time sensitive situations.

  • 20 years of Experience

    Due to our experience we provide practical and innovative solutions customized to meet all client needs.

Customer Testimonials

Thankfully, I have used Stephanie Perrin’s Accounting service for the last six years. I have a banking background and thought I was doing a good job preparing my returns. When the IRS “adjusted” my returns going back to 2004 they also adjusted the amount owed to a low six figure outstanding. I was in constant communication with many different IRS departments’ (who did not talk to each other) endured levies and garnishment. I commenced an Offer in Compromise to no avail. Having many sleepless nights and not making progress; I turned to Stephanie for help dealing with Uncle… She stepped up to the plate, took ownership of my situation, tirelessly dealt with the IRS and prevailed. I am sleeping well due to the fact a settlement was reached after her diligent and tenacious appeal where-by the OIC accepted a low four figure agreement. Stephanie was always there to answer my questions, make suggestions and now guides me through all my and now my families accounting and tax requirements.

Capt. Jeff Leight

Stephanie Perrin has been my accountant for the past year. She has been helping me to reorganize my accounts for tax records and change from paper to online. She has been very patient showing me how to do this and it has made a huge difference in my life and my business. Stephanie did my taxes for me last year and I was very pleased. She is always available to answer questions and explains clearly. She is continuing to help me in my transition to online accounts with the goal of everything being ready and organized at tax time. No more scrambling at tax time trying to get everything together under pressure! I highly recommend Stephanie as a tax accountant.

Lisa Frost-Goodall

Independent Music Professional

Stephanie Perrin brings an experienced, positive attitude to tax accounting. She’s an expert in complex tax filings and surpasses expectations when working in stressful and time sensitive situations. Stephanie is pleasant and professional, efficient and responsive making her an excellent choice for tax and accounting services.

Jeanette Falotico

Trinity Consulting Group, LLC

Two Rivers Tax is a life saver! My tax situation was such a mess and you fixed everything so fast. I don’t know how, but I fell behind in my filings and was overdue for several years. I desperately wanted and needed to catch up QUICK! I’d been through a few life and career changes, and my paperwork was all over the place, but within a few days, Stephanie had all my filings in order and I was very pleasantly surprised. My returns were far greater than I expected. She was so patient as I asked 100 questions about the new strategies I implemented. I also recently opened up a new business and Stephanie helped me get incorporated and got all my books straightened out and organized on the business front as well Her understanding and guidance saved me so much time and wasted energy. In addition to all this, she is super easy to work with and talk to. I can’t say enough. Thank you Stephanie!

Alexa Garcia

Radiant Cleaning Services

I hired Stephanie Perrin for all my accounting and tax needs for my small business. After working with her, I trust her implicitly. Stephanie is very professional, keeps updated on tax law, and has taken time to explore and inform me of options consistent with my unique business and personal needs. Stephanie delves into the details of complicated business matters while skillfully listening. It has been difficult to find an accountant who I know cares about my business, and I know Stephanie does. Her competence is second to none and I highly recommend her to business owners looking for a more personalized service.

Dr. Danielle Forshee

Dr Danielle Forshee LLC

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