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14 APR

COVID-19 Accounting Tax Update

Dear New Jersey residents and small business owners:
In these uncertain times, Two Rivers Tax and Accounting offers more than tax filing and tax
planning advice, we listen to your needs.

The deadline for filing annual federal and New Jersey state taxes has been moved to July 15
from April 15. For those expecting an economic stimulus payment, the government will use
your 2019 tax returns to set the payment amounts. If you have not yet filed, then your 2018
return will be used. Depending upon your adjusted gross income for 2019, it may make sense
to delay filing and use the 2018 return instead.

If you have questions about filing and or how to maximize your economic impact payment,
please feel free to email ([email protected]) or call me (732) 618 1441.

Also, email or call now for a free one-on-one consultation that includes a review of last year’s
tax return, preparation for filing this year’s return and overall tax planning. Current clients
receive a mid-year check-up on taxes paid and help filing quarterly estimates, if applicable.

New clients or those suffering from financial hardship due to the negative economic effects of
coronavirus i.e. job loss, or illness will receive a 10% discount on filing their federal and state
returns. I’d also like to offer FREE tax preparation for health care first responders on the front
line of this pandemic (up to $350 value). Please visit our website www.tworiverstax.com for a
complete list of all of our services.

Stephanie J. Perrin, CPA
Two Rivers Tax and Accounting Service LLC